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Liposculpture is a surgical technique used to remove, once and for all, localized cellulite by improving the contour of lower limbs, often remarkably.

Among all the techniques that are suggested for women’s most popular blemish, this is certainly the least aggressive,  i.e. the one that more than any other takes care of vascular structures, so numerous in lower limbs.

In the last years the liposculpture was improved by Dr Artale and has recently begun very less invasive.

Liposculpture envisages the reshaping of legs and hips in local anaesthesia, without any blood loss or visible scars and allows the patient almost immediately to go back to work.


before and after 30 days

The contour of lower limbs, starting from the hips and ending at the ankle, depends upon the quantity of fat on them.
The number of adipose cells in fat pockets is not linked to either diet or sedentary life, but it is constitutional and often hereditary.
Adipose cells are most frequently localized on hips, on the outer and inner side of thighs and on the knees where often remarkable deformities develop.
This kind of  cellulite is called localized, also to distinguish it from the “diffused” one where there is no real localization and the legs are entirely  fat.
While for the diffused cellulite there are several medical methodologies which can undoubtedly improve the situation, even if they do not completely solve the problem, for localized cellulite – i.e. for definite changes in the contour of the legs – surgical techniques are the only chance to achieving a visible and definitive result.
Liposuction was the first technique to be carried out in the past and it certainly achieved some fairly good results but it was risky because of its aggressiveness and the need of operating under general anaesthesia.
During the last few years liposuction has turned into what is today called liposculpture and more recently the micro liposculpture defined by Dr. Artale an angiologist and vascular surgeon.
Here follow the differences and the reasons why nowadays this is one of the safest methods to improve the contour of the legs.

Taking care of circulation ...
Both for localized and diffused cellulite an accurate circulation check is absolutely needed above all for the venous circulation. A vascular examination by means of an instrumental analysis such as the Doppler exam is underlying, it is as simple as it is essential in order to exclude pathologies of the lower limbs which could contra-indicate the operation.
Every kind of surgical operation, liposuction or liposculpture or micro liposculpture, on lower limbs must be carried out with total care of the circulation.
For this purpose a narrow cannula is used so that the trauma on the surrounding tissues and above all on vascular structures is minimized thus allowing a speedier recovery and the total absence of haematoma.
Not only the small size of the cannula but also its direction and the way in which it is used allow the circulation not to be affected at all; the cannula is in fact linked to a syringe in plastic and not to a vacuum-pressure unit suctioning off the fat which is certainly more aggressive.
The adipose cells contained in the fat pockets are manually suctioned off with very careful and accurate movements which undoubtedly require long  and vascular experience.
At the end of the operation no stitches will be needed: a simple and small plaster will be enough to cover the microincision without leaving any visible scar.

In local anaesthesia ...
The first great advantage of micro liposculpture is that is always performed under  local anaesthesia.
Collateral effects and problems inevitably caused by a general anaesthesia are thus prevented: hospitalization is also avoided since patients undergoing surgical treatments for aesthetic purposes prefer this way.
In fact, local anaesthesia can be performed in a facility which will be of course equipped with full hospital treatment, but only on an outpatient basis.
Local anaesthesia means that the patient is fully awake and conscious and, at the end of operation, can immediately go home and, on the following day, back to work without any convalescence.
The anaesthetic which is used during micro liposculpture is the same as that used by a dentist during the extraction of a tooth.


before and after 30 days

Which results?
Micro liposculpture cannot of course work wonders but if the guidelines are correct and the surgeon is skilled, excellent results can certainly be achieved.
However, through a small one millimeter hole even remarkable amounts of fat can be suctioned off, reducing by several centimeters the contour of the legs.
A double operation is preferred where there are great amounts of adipose tissue always in order to take care of the patient’s circulation and of his health.
The areas where best results are achieved with micro liposculpture are hips, inner thighs and knees.
The more localized the adipose cells are, the better the results will be.
Adipose cells cannot reproduce once they are definitively removed, thus leaving the result achieved unchanged for years.
The first advantage, the aesthetic one, is perhaps the most appreciated, but the long term benefits gained from the whole circulation by removing  excess fat should not be underestimated.
Legs without cellulite are more beautiful, but they are also healthier.    


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